How To Become A Voice Actor For Disney : Know The Essential Things

Anime transcends mere entertainment, capturing the hearts of billions with its vivid storytelling and memorable characters. Among these, voice actors play a pivotal role, bringing characters to life in a way that resonates deeply with audiences. Have you ever dreamt of being one of those voices, particularly for Disney? Have you ever thought about How To Become A Voice Actor For Disney?

Have you ever been fascinated by how these artists get the job? Long story short, this article is going to answer your queries related to how to become a voice actor for Disney.

How To Become A Voice Actor For Disney

In order to become a voice of anime characters in Disney movies and shows one should remember the following things below:

How To Become A Voice Actor For Disney

Start From Scratch

Embarking on the journey to become a Disney voice actor begins with understanding the basics of voice acting. Unlike conventional acting, voice acting demands the ability to convey emotion, character, and story through voice alone. Start by exploring voice acting resources online, attending workshops, and practicing daily to develop your range and control.

Let’s assume you are completely new in this world of how to become a voice actor for anime. You don’t know how to become a voice actor. You don’t know how to start voice acting and where to start. Keep patience and stick to the last line of this article to get a clear-cut idea about how to become a voice actor for Disney.

Acting and voice acting are deeply connected. You have to live a character to sound exactly like that particular character. Concentrating on the voice part so that it can superimpose with their gestures, emotions, and the whole scenario. Voice acting is a completely different world. It needs practice overtime to train your voice like one.

Train Your Voice

Training is necessary and mandatory. Vocal acting is not like how we normally talk. It needs a loop of practice to bring the charm, flavor, and flow in your voice.

If you know a vocal coach in your area, contact them and train your voice under their guidance. Training is the first pillar to get started. Consider joining online voice acting courses or hiring a voice coach to refine your skills. Regular exercises can improve your diction, breathing, and vocal stamina, essential for long recording sessions. Remember, versatility in your voice opens more roles for you.

Home Studio Is Your New Home

Now your new home is your home studio, just kidding! If you want to keep on practicing then it’s better to create an appropriate environment to practice. You can set up a home studio to spend every leisure minute practicing. Setting up a home studio is not a cup of tea.

A basic home studio setup includes a high-quality microphone, headphones, a pop filter, and soundproofing materials. Use online tutorials to guide you in setting up your studio efficiently. This personal space will be crucial for practicing and creating your voice demos.

First of all, you need a sufficient spacer then the right instruments to get started. Don’t buy instruments arbitrarily. Consult with your vocal coach and ask them how to become a voice actor for Disney.

Create An Attractive Portfolio

Your portfolio should showcase your range through various demos: character voices, narration, commercials, and more. Highlight your strongest performances, and tailor your portfolio to Disney’s style when applying for their projects. Seek feedback from professionals and refine your portfolio based on their advice

This is struggling and yet the mandatory part of your journey. You have to create a portfolio to get your job done. Remember, your portfolio is the gateway to reach your voice to your client. Take help and create the best portfolio you can. The best portfolio can take you one step closer to your journey of how to become a voice actor for anime.

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Well, you must have heard about freelancing, the scope of it and how it offers a variety of job offers. But you have to be wise enough to send your voice to your client in the right way. Contact the client and show your interest in dubbing.

Keep on doing the same for a few months to get an idea of how things work. They may underpay you at the beginning. But don’t get heartened. It’s just the beginning. You have many more to achieve.

Start your voice acting journey by freelancing on platforms like or Upwork. Create a compelling profile focusing on your unique voice qualities and any previous work. While initial gigs might not pay much, they’re invaluable for gaining experience and building your resume.


Consider the location of the industry you’re targeting. While relocation might boost your chances, starting locally or online can also lead you to opportunities with Disney, thanks to the global nature of the voice acting field.


Don’t miss a single audition. I know this sounds crazy but still, the path is not easy my friend. You have put your heart and soul to get what you deserve. In every audition, try to give your level best. Try to watch how others are doing, take lessons from them, learn from them. Open up yourself to new ideas.

Audition is the longest and most beautiful path of this journey. Now, you must stop fighting with the dilemma of how to start voice acting.

Audition for everything relevant, but also be strategic. Focus on roles that suit your voice type and strengths. Research Disney’s casting calls and requirements. Always prepare thoroughly for each audition by understanding the character and practicing the script.

Try To Connect With People

On your way to your success, you will meet with so many people going through the same. Stay connected with them. Connect with new people and allow others to discover how talented you are.

Networking is key in the voice acting industry. Join voice acting forums, social media groups, and attend industry events. Engaging with peers and professionals can lead to tips about upcoming auditions and opportunities, and constructive feedback on your performances.

Focus On The Good Part

Rejection is part of the journey, but each audition is a learning opportunity. Celebrate your progress and perseverance. Stay positive, focus on improving your craft, and maintain your passion for voice acting. Your dedication will lead you to the right opportunity.

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Final Thoughts

Your journey to becoming a Disney voice actor is filled with learning, practice, and perseverance. Embrace every step, from training your voice to networking and auditioning. Remember, every great Disney voice actor started somewhere, and with dedication, you too can achieve your dream..

Nothing comes easy and magic doesn’t happen overnight. Practice, perseverance, willingness to accept flaws and take lessons from them are some mantras of getting ahead.


1.How can I be a voice actor for Disney?

Train your voice, do freelancing to get an idea of how things are, then move to the city you want to work in and start auditioning.

2.How much do anime voice actors make per year?

If you are wondering about how much do voice actors make, a newbie earns around $30,000 per year whereas a professional artist earns $90,000 a year.

There is not any hard and fast rule. It depends on your experience and level of hard work. If you really work hard and do your job dedicatedly then you can definitely earn a handsome amount of money.

3.How do you audition for voice acting?

Do a little warm-up with your voice. Focus on your content, concentrate, understand the character and try to sound natural.

4.Can a foreigner be a Japanese voice actor?

Absolutely, why not! There are many foreign artists currently working in Japan.