Write For Us

Hello people! Does writing mean more than a hobby to you? Do you want to be an aspiring writer? Have you ever thought of being a famous author? If your answer is yes to all these questions, this platform is just perfect for you.

Yes. You have read that right. The world is going so fast right now. Millions of things are happening over the world. People, especially teenagers, love to search on the internet about various issues and they solve half of their problems in this way.

That will be exactly your job via our website. You just have to let people be aware of the events that are trending around the entire world by your writings.

Now, the question is what do you write for us? Will you get paid for your work? How will you manage? Let us answer the questions one by one.

What Do You Write For Us?

Okay. First things first. Have you heard about blogs or articles? I am sure you have because thousands of blogs and articles are published daily and people love to read them.

For our website, you have to write blogs and articles. Even if you are not a professional writer, you don’t have to worry at all. We are hiring both fresher and professional.

How To Write

Basically, you need to keep in mind some ground rules while you are writing. We are strict to some points, such as-

  1. The blog or the article you are writing, should be entirely original. We never encourage plagiarized content.
  2. Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in your writing.
  3. Your writing must meet the guidelines that we provided on our website.

So, don’t wait and start writing. We will bring out your write-ups on our website.

Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

Well, in this case, you have to be an expert and a professional in writing. You need to write engaging write-ups for our readers. Besides, your writings should comply with the guidelines, provided by Google.

Will You Get Paid For Your Work?

.Yes. We value your hard work and dedication. If your write-ups are selected, you will definitely get paid according to the agreements. Payments will be done based on word limits, article length, and so on.

How Will You Manage?

Super-easy! We are looking for skillful writers. We have our set of thoughts and we expect the writers to meet up our ideas via their writings. Contact us and send us your writings. That’s it.