How To Create A Beginner Acting Resume – Tips And Guidance

Amateur actors often find it difficult to make their resumes look impressive. Although self-tape video or can get you a gig, a resume can surely seal a deal, even for beginners.

If you aren’t sure about how you can make beginner acting resume that can attract the attention of any acting director, you are in the perfect place. Here you’ll be able to find the best tips and advice to create an impressive resume that can impress any director to cast you.

Tips To Create a Good Resume

Making a beginner theater resume can be difficult. But these tips can surely clear your confusion and help you showcase your abilities in brief. If you’re a beginner with no proper experience in acting, follow these tips to make an outstanding beginner acting resume.

Beginner Acting Resume
Beginner Acting Resume
  • Beginners with no wealth of experience should focus on highlighting their special skills on their resume that will showcase their talents.
  • You’ve to include the smaller and old projects you’ve worked on previously. You shouldn’t consider it trivial and silly.
  • You can also include acting lessons and courses you’ve taken.
  • Include your work as a student, list of short films or student films you’ve worked on.
  • Make an effort to amplify your special skills sections with other relevant and useful information. You can include about different languages you speak, ability to cook, play musical instruments or dance.
  • Focus on spotlighting your strengths and not weaknesses. Make it unique to stand out from others by customizing it with different abilities and making sure it doesn’t look the same as others.
  • Your headshots should reflect how you look currently, therefore you’ve to attach the updated headshots.
  • The section of special skills on the acting resume should be attractive enough to get attention especially for beginner theater resumes.

Basics Rules For Acting Resume

Are you a beginner trying to know how to make an acting resume with no experience? Before embarking on an acting journey you should remember that having a professional resume can help a lot in this field. But making a resume is not a tough deal to handle especially when you have all the guidelines to make it.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the basics of a professional resume that you should know to make it.

  • Even though you’ve got no such experiences you should keep your resume clean and professional.
  • When structuring a CV, always remember that an acting resume is always only one sheet of paper.
  • Keep space between the words to make them readable and look clean.
  • The paper should be able to able to fit an 8×10 headshot. Staple it on the back.
  • Fonts such as Ariel and New Roman Times should be used.
  • Keep it simple and relevant to acting.
  • Distracting colors shouldn’t be used to write resumes. The CV should be written in black ink on white pages.
  • Since you don’t have much experience, don’t choose to lie to fake it, as surprisingly the directors are experienced enough to quickly know it.

Why Do You Need A Professional Resume – Use And Benefits

Having a professional resume can benefit you as it let the direction or the casting committee know about your skills and potential.

You can also consider your CV as the first thing that you’re contributing to the acting industry. It’s the easiest way to let people know about your talents and skills by putting everything together systematically in sections. It cost you nothing rather increases your chances to get a gig.

skills for theatre
Beginner Acting Resume

Not only the acting professionals and directors will look at it, but even your acting agent also needs to look at your resume to get you auditions.

Acting resumes can also help you highlight the role you’re looking for based on your skills. This will also help your agents get you auditions to the roles you’re suitable for by seeing your skills from the resume.

Every aspiring actor needs to have an acting resume which they use as an acting marketing tool to get auditions and roles.

Your resume which is called the calling card should list all your acting skills, experience, education, acting lessons, along with your personal contact information and physical status.

Mistakes To Avoid Making In Resumes

While you’re making your resume you should be rare of the common mistakes actors make in their resumes. These mistakes may sound trivial but they affect your career or chances greatly. As it’s a single piece of paper, be sure to fill it with information that is relevant and needed.

Here are some of the common mistakes you should never make will make your resume to make it look like the best audition beginner actor resume template.

  • Extraneous information will take up the space without doing any good to your career. You may also end up not scoring your next gig.
  • It’s advised that never put your actual home address and social security number on the resume.
  • Refrain from adding background works as it may have given you a great behind the scene experience but won’t help you get good roles or in the long run.
  • Avoid including unnecessary and too much personal information.
  • Don’t include your minor hobbies and interest which has nothing to do with acting.
  • Avoid making negative comments in your resume.

Format For Acting Resume

Wondering about how should your acting resume look in 2022? To make the perfect acting resume, you have to follow the exact format to make it. Making a resume following the format will help you to be clear and specific. You’ll not end up haphazardly listing your details rather all the details will be placed under the specific sections.

The following details will help you know the format and let you know about what comes after what.

  • Actor’s name: Assuming that you’re a non-union actor with no agent, you need to start with your name. Don’t put your legal name but your stage name.
  • Union title: If you’re associated with any acting union, you can mention it after the name. If not, then skip this part
  • Phone number: Provide any phone number that can help the caller reach you directly.
  • Physical description and status:For this part, remember that you should never put your date of birth or age directly in the resume.
  • Acting experience: After the personal information section, you’ve to list all your previous experiences be it minor or major.
  • Training and education: In this part, mention all the details about your school, college, major degrees, acting courses, and subjects.
  • Special skills: Although for experienced actors these sections won’t have much value, for beginners it does. Mention all the special skills you’re proficient in. Just remember you’ve to be honest as they might test you or assign you roles based on these skills.

Template Or Sample For Acting Resume

If you’re looking for actors resume template google docs, here is a sample template that you can refer to before making your resume. This template has just the exact format and listings as they should be.

acting resume sample
actors resume template google docs

So, to answer your question of how should your acting resume look in 2022, we’ve detailed a sample that you can refer to make a resume following the correct format.

You can also check out some free acting resume templates.

Name ( XYZ)

Contact number: 1234567890

Email id:


To get a leading role in a film to prove and showcase my talent and skills.


  • Diploma in acting from XYZ school.
  • Graduated from XYZ University.


One year of training in acting from XYZ studio.

Key skill

  • Team player.
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Proficient in playing guitar.

Extracurricular activities

  • Best dancer award awards.
  • Best drummer award.


  • Mimicry
  • Dancing (Include hobbies related to acting)

Personal detail

  • Height: **
  • Weight: **

Additional Advice For Beginners Resumes

Besides keeping the format correct and clean, there are some additional tips that a beginner can follow to make the resume stand out from the crowd.

If you’re getting discouraged to make a good resume because of your lack of experience, well don’t be as these tips will help you make an attention-grabbing resume for your acting auditions. Apart from experiences and physical status, there are some other elements that the casting committee looks for in the resume.

  • You’ve to emphasize the special skills you possess that are rarely found among others. But avoid exaggerating about any talent but simply mention it.
  • If you’re working or have worked with other teams you can add it under your experience.
  • Add about your social media channels and start-up projects. Startups reflect that you have the potential for leading roles. But make sure that the channels are public and made available to be visited by others.
  • Mention all the details about your educational qualifications. You can also put the type of classes you took in your high school or your major in college. It’s always encouraged to mention the details about your major especially if it’s related to the acting field.
  • You’ve to be specific about your objective in the resume or it will turn out confusing.

Other Elements To Consider

Before printing your resume, make sure you consider and check for these details and mistakes.

  • You’ve to be sure that you’re using the correct size of paper.
  • Don’t use any over-complicated or unprofessional font.
  • Look for grammatical and spelling errors before printing. You can use editors to check for these mistakes and rectify them.
  • You can also print the resume of the other size of your headshot to make it convenient.

List Of Special Skills For Acting Resume

how to make acting resume
Beginner Acting Resume

While filling up the special skills for acting resume especially when you’re a beginner, you should be very careful. It’s the most crucial part that needs to be filled with honest skills. Over exaggeration of skills or listing the unprofessional or non-relevant ones will make the situation worse.

Here’s the list of special skills that can go in an acting resume.

  • You can include your ability to speak in different accents and languages.
  • Mention your athlete abilities and talents.
  • You can also list about your company training.
  • Talents and skills in acting, singing should be listed.
  • If you’re proficient in playing some of the other musical instruments, list it down.


1.What to put on a beginners acting resume?

  • Professional name.
  • Experiences.
  • Union agencies.
  • Special skills
  • Training.

2.What should be on a theater resume?

It should list your physical description, contact information. It’s a one-page list of all your roles and training.

3.Can I make my acting resume on my own?

Yes. You can make it own your own by including information like name, union title, training, and education experiences.


A resume is an important tool to get gigs and auditions in the acting industry. Making a perfect resume is no deal big deal when you know about the format and details you need to include.

A resume with no experience can be impressive too when it highlights the skills and talents of the aspiring actors. Avoid making common mistakes that can ruin your resume.