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We are oblivionmovie.com. It is a website fully based on filmmaking and things related to acting.Oblivionmovie is a perfect blog for those who wanna enter into the film/tv making industry we try to provide each and every solution for our readers.

We are happy to announce that from now on, you will get all the solutions to your problems in one single place.

We provide opportunities for both our readers and writers. Our platform provides and covers all the topics that are related to the entertainment industry.


Hi, I am Henry Peterson founder of oblivionmovie .I have studied film theory and production, currently running a theatre for a new generation. I started oblivionmovie to guide each of them who wants to learn about acting techniques and other goals related to the glamour industry. Through oblivionmovie I wanted to answer all the queries that a newbie wants to know.

For Our Readers

We are very proud to offer to our readers a variety of sections regarding a proper guide to be a successful actor. We cover topics like how to create an acting resume, how to look like a celebrity, how to lose weight, and so on.

Not just that, we share topics on various important details in the entertainment industry. We provide 100% informational articles.

Beginners can make a fresh start from here. They can get ideas and inspiration as we provide details regarding the beginner acting resume. Also, they can find ideas on how to contact an acting agent and dos and don’ts in from of them.

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Our agents are always looking for skillful writers. We are searching those people who can meet our guidelines with their unique writings.

We value your hard work. We will be happy if you share your ideas with us. If they match our criteria, we will publish them on our website as we believe in the idea sharing is caring.

You guys will get paid for your writings as soon as you join us. We will pay you as per the agreement. It will depend on the length of the articles, word limits, and so on.

So, we request you to send your resume along with an application to us. Also, don’t forget to send your writing samples. We will scrutinize all the documents and reply to you soon.