What Does A Movie Producer Do: Their Role, Income & How To Become

Do you want to be a movie producer? Have you ever wondered what does a movie producer do exactly? Well, we have got all the details for you in this good read that will you know the roles in detail.

So, just brace yourself and continue reading to find out.

What Does Producer Mean?

We all understand a producer is a backbone for the success of any movie. But, what does it mean to produce a movie?

In the context of role of a producer in a movie, let’s know the what does a producer do in a movie?

Role And Responsibilities Of A Producer

  • Many understand that being a producer is all about funding movie. But, does a producer put up the money for a movie all alone?

A producer is a responsible person for the wages of spot persons, actors, hairdressers, makeup artists, dress designers, food, goods, commodities transportation, accommodations, and many more.

  • Producer finds investors and companies to invest in the movie and finance its production. These companies invest in the films because of worth of the producer and the value of the movie project.

So, is this all look out by one person?

What Does A Movie Producer Do
What Does A Movie Producer Do

No again! There are types of producers and each one of them has its importance and responsibilities.

Let us understand them!

Types Of Producers

  1. Producer: looks after the end-to-end requirements of the movie production. They see the production first hand and keep the record of everything. You can understand them as the manager of the production team.
  1. Co-Producer: Another person who decides to invest in movie in the presence of the main producer is called the co-producer of the movie. Hence, co-producer plays the equal part of the production house as the main producer
  1. Associate producer: is another name for the assistant producer. These people belong to the producer’s team and look out for everything in presence or absence of the main producer. Their job is:
  • to keep a check on the team tasks
  • manage and coordinate everything seamlessly on the set.
  • hire people
  • report to producer
  1. Executive producer: is the person who is majorly responsible for the expenses. And also, has majorly invested in the movie production. Therefore, they are considered as the head of financial needs of the production house. Furthermore, all the departments of a production team report to the executive producer.
  1. Others: Each department is taken care by their head that are named as Line producers, supervising producers, coordinating producers, segment producers, field producers, etc.

Moving ahead, if you are still confused between a producer and an executive producer? Know more here!

Producer Vs Executive Producer.

This table will help you to clearly understand what is the producer’s role in a movie? So, have a look!

Head of the production teamHead of producer’s team
Involved in day-to-day matters of the movie.No involvement in day-to-day affairs
Reports to the executive producer in regards to finances.Keeps track on budget and production from the producer.

Besides, this difference, it has been seen that many people often tend to confuse difference in profiles of a director and producer.

Let’s figure What’s the difference between a producer and a director as well!

Director Vs Executive Producer

While the entire movie production is dependent on the producer, the movie-making is equally dependent on the director too. Here are the differences:

Manages the creative sideManages the financial and production
Existence of only one head directorThere can be multiple producers and co-producers of a movie.
interpret movie scriptsfinalize scripts
work with department heads and editorswork with investors.
set the tone of the film.manage the production, pre-production, and post-production of the film.
Guide and direct the actorsFinalize and sing the actors
Directs technical crew and cameraSets budget and make schedules for filming

Now, after knowing the roles of each producer, now it’s time to become one!

How To Become A Movie Producer

An aspiring producer must have experience of minimum 5 years in the industry. So, are the steps to gain knowledge:

  1. Acquire bachelor’s and master’s degree for professional certificate in production and cinematography.
  2. Do internships and grab experience.
  3. Attend film festivals and award shows to know the industry insights
  4. Make connections and grow your circle.
  5. Work as a production assistant or do an entry-level filmmaker’s job to get all that remaining yet crucial experience to be a successful producer.
  6. Produce a short film.

Apart from gaining knowledge, you must also develop some more skills to become a successful producer, that are:

Skills To Become A Successful Film Producer

  • Good knowledge of media production and communication.
  • Leadership skills to handle sensitive, difficult, crucial, and serious situations.
  • Flexible to adapt to changes in life.
  • Risk and Advice taker as and when required.
  • Eagles eye for attention to detail
  • Multitasker and performer under pressure.
  • Skill of What Is the Role of A TV Producer?

Just like a film producer, a TV producer finances the expense of a TV series and is involved in coordination. Here are some of the exact roles of a TV producer:

Roles Of A TV Producer

how much do producers make
how much do producers make
  1. Deciding head of the TV drama.
  2. Deal with channels and finalize the schedules to air the program
  3. Invest and look after the financial need of the production of the TV drama.
  4. Create a fixed budget for the show and scale things accordingly.
  5. Takes daily reports and status of the show.
  6. Cast, sign and fire (if required) actors for the show.

Now, would you like to become one? Know the right ways!

Steps To Become Tv Producer:

  1. Grab a master’s or at least a bachelor’s in performing arts.
  2. Look for internships under the production house for experience
  3. Strengthen your network by staying in touch with people of same industry
  4. After internship, pick opportunities for an assistant producer role.
  5. With enough experience, start producing mini-series or a short film to finally step into the world of TV production simultaneously.

Hope the steps were good and helpful but what about the money that they make? Read More!

Money Minting As A Producer

Before we tell you how much do producers make, let us tell you a fact that their earnings solely depend on the factors:

  • how many movies or shows they produced per year and?
  • how many of them did well with the audience?

Having said that, lets know the average of how much do producers make per movie or how much do tv producers make?

Here’s a small table to help you in understanding the figures and compare.

Earning FactorMovie ProducerTV Producer
Per movie/series$84,770$3,375 to $10,000
Estimated annual income$250,000 to $750,000$40,500 to $120,000

Now, after assessing the average income, what do you think who earns more director or producer?

The answer here is quite tricky!

Because while the producer gets all the profit, they also have to bear the loss of a flop film.

On the other hand, a director is just employed in the film. I t doesn’t matter if the film is hit or flop, and will get paid the full pre-decided fee.

To Sum Up:

Every profession that looks glamourous and financially impressive requires years of hard work too. And all the producers who put their money on a movie have a lot of risks in their life as well. So now, the next time someone asks you what movie producer do, you will be able to tell them properly.