Why is Prometheus 2 taking so long to enter production? Prometheus star Michael Fassbender (David) tells us it’s because Ridley and Company are making sure it’s done “correctly”. Reassuring news for those who may have been in the polarized group of critics when the film hit theaters last summer.

Yahoo! recently spoke to the A-list actor while promoting his latest film The Counselor, where he was confronted with questions about the fate of Shaw and David in the sequel to Prometheus. Fassbender replied with:

“Everybody’s asking this, it’s cool!” he laughed. “You know, it takes time… I don’t want them to rush it. I mean the reason that Pixar movies are so amazing is because they spend years throwing it out the window, re-jigging it, coming up with an idea, breaking it down, starting again, you know.”

“So to make it correctly, I think it’s actually very encouraging,” he added. “Because a lot of the times they’re like ‘we made some money let’s jump on the back of this. We wanna make more money again as soon as possible.'”

“[But] it’s nice to actually have a little bit of time to develop it.”

So basically, Fox cares deeply about their Prometheus franchise, and like Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII, they want to make sure the next sequel is set to succeed.

As it was recently announced, the script for Prometheus 2 is done, according to Ridley Scott and we can expect production to begin some time in 2015!

As one that thoroughly enjoyed Prometheus, I’m not surprised by Fassbender’s quotes. But for those who may have felt like Prometheus was lacking in some capacity, should find this news very reassuring and exciting.

I want to hear your opinions on this however! So let us know how you feel about Fassbender’s reassuring statements, by commenting below!

Source: Yahoo.com