How To Take A Professional Headshot With iPhone?

If you are thinking about getting new headshots done, you might consider how expensive the deal is but don’t worry, you can take amazing headshots using your phone, and that too for free! In this piece, we will look at how to take a professional headshot with an iPhone.

To make it simple for you, these are the following points we will be covering in the article:

  • Your ideal position whole clicking your professional headshot
  • Choosing the proper backdrop while clicking
  • How to create a professional photo expression
  • What to wear whole clicking professional headshots
  • The editing mistakes to avoid

Ready to get your professional headshots clicked? Let’s begin.

How To Take A Headshot on an iPhone

We will be looking at three things primarily:

  • The setup
  • Your look
  • Expression

The Setup:

If you are clicking a professional headshot with an uncouth backdrop and unflattering lighting, chances are the picture will look as bad as your LinkedIn display picture. Besides, people might start questioning your success and lose interest in your profile.

How To Take A Professional Headshot With iPhone

Thus, getting a nice enough background and good lighting is essential. To that end, we will look at the following in the section:

  • Positioning yourself for the shot
  • Getting a good enough background
  • Setting proper lighting

Position Yourself Well:

If you are clicking the shot yourself, make sure the window is right behind to get sufficient light on your face. Ideally, you should be holding the phone in such a way that the resulting picture does not look like a selfie.

Honestly, there is no trick to clicking the perfect picture. You need to do a trial run with multiple poses and expressions.

Pick The Correct Background

Another essential step of how to take a professional headshot at home with iPhone involves selecting the ideal background. You don’t want a tree car or any other type of disturbance in the backdrop. Also, ensure no one else is in the background too. Ideally, have a solid-colored wall or the blue sky as your backdrop.

You can also blur the backdrop like so many others. There are two ways of doing that:

Using A Portrait Mode: while clicking your headshot on iphone, it’s advisable to use the portrait mode to blur things behind you. This mode instantly makes your photo look professional.

Use A Headshot App: many apps let you blur the backdrop for a professional shot. You can pick any from them.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Lighting is THE ingredient that makes or breaks a professional headshot. So, if you don’t want people to know that your headshot was phone-clicked, you need to focus on the lighting. It’s often advisable to use natural light.

The best option is a window. You are sure to get pure light and flattering brightness to click the shot you want. However, if there is direct sunlight or glare, avoid it. Finally, make sure your phone is placed between you and the light source.

Additionally, if you are shooting indoors, a ring light is essential. Ring lights skillfully stimulate daytime lighting and eliminate undesirable shadows on your face. You can also use ring lights with any professional headshot background app.

Look And Expression

While clicking a professional headshot, you should be paying a lot of attention to yourself:

Posture: it’s advised to stand tall and a bit diagonally to create some drama in the frame. Also, try to point your body at different angles for a few pictures.

Clothing: Choose professional outfits and keep a few options handy. Wear solid colors if possible, and make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free. Use the burst mode on your iPhone to click various pictures and try different poses.

Choosing an outfit for a professional headshot can be challenging. Thus we have created the following section to help you out.

What to wear for professional headshots?

One of the key items in the how to Take Your Own Headshot guide is picking the proper attire for the event. And since now you know the tricks of clicking and posing, let’s check out what you might consider wearing:

  • Opt for a solid color; you don’t want prints and patterns to distract your viewers
  • Depending on the purpose of the headshot (business or casual), you can determine what to wear
  • Keep a few options handy
  • Avoid too many accessories or makeup
  • Avoid using bright colors
  • Ensure your clothes complement the backdrop

Avoid Glare On Your Eyewear: besides your eyewear, glare might bounce from other glass objects in the background. A trick to avoid this is to position the lens a bit low. You can also raise the back of your eyewear off your ears, so the lenses are tilted. This will not be noticeable in the camera and skillfully avoid glare.

How To Take A Professional Headshot With iPhone

Avoid Flash Photography: turn off the flash button on your camera as flash results in shiny and unnatural pictures.

Do the “turtle” to avoid double chin: In this trick, simply push your forehead a bit forward towards the camera. This will make your jawline look sharp. But avoid pushing it too hard.

Work On Your Expression: If you are clicking the picture yourself, try a bunch of expressions to identify which suits you the best. Very often, the smiling headshots turn out the best, so you can give that a try.

Additional Tips For Clicking A Good Headshot:

The first step of how to take a professional headshot with iPhone begins by mastering the setup. Set your phone in the HDR or High Dynamic Range mode for starters. Pictures clicked in this mode always pops, which is essential while clicking headshots. If you have iPhone 4S or higher, you will have access to Auto HDR mode, a great option.

1. Avoid zooming:

Avoid zooming under any circumstance, even when using a professional headshot app. The zoom feature always reduces the resolution of the images and, many a time leads to distorted results. Instead, use the portrait mode or tap on your face to get a clearer look.

2. Pose well:

If you are confused about how to pose for a good headshot, here are a few tips for you!

Firstly, turn your body a bit diagonally and keep your head tilted towards the camera. Such an angle creates an illusion and reduces the chances of a broad squared look. Next, keep your hands by your side, or even cross them across your chest, whichever is comfortable for you.

3. Avoid Editing Mistakes:

Nothing kills a good photo like glaring editing fails. Thus, the first tip in your how to edit photos on iPhone to look professional starter pack is to select the best three pictures and use your phone editing features to take the first nab. Balance the exposure contrast and saturation until the photo looks sharp yet natural.

You do not want to over-edit the picture. Use the color saturation option only if the light availability was low during the shoot. Pay special attention while editing female professional headshots, as there is a great chance that these might be over-edited.

4. Taking The Shot Yourself:

While it’s advantageous to have someone taking your headshots, you may not have that luxury. What if you have to send out a headshot right away and there is no one to help you? Will you pass out the opportunity?

Indeed not, and you don’t have to as there are ways you can take the shots yourself, if you don’t know how to, this how to take a professional headshot with iPhone by yourself guide will help you!

5. Use The Self-Timer: most iPhones have self-timers, so all you need is a tripod or a makeshift option, and you are set to click.

6. Adjust The Camera Setting: use the HDR mode to shoot some quality headshots.

7. Do Trial Shots: if you are camera-conscious, you may not be able to get the perfect shots right away. Listening to music for a while before shooting helps. Additionally, do a few trial clicks just to get in the mood.

Finally, when you are done clicking, try a good photo editing app to set the pattern and tone of the pictures.

How Much Do Headshots Cost?

Headshot costs vary between $25-$2,000, depending on the type you want. The costs for business headshots will differ for brand or corporate shoots. Besides, the level of editing required, delivery, and location also play a significant role in determining the cost. Of course, if you know how to take a professional headshot with iphone, you can cut corners.

How To Take A Professional Headshot For Linkedin?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social platforms and has grown substantially in the last couple of years. It’s used massively by employers, employees, thought leaders, entrepreneurs enthusiasts, and many others.

However, to make an impression on your followers and to meet your goals, you need professional headshots on LinkedIn, and here are a few tips that will help you achieve that:

1. Avoid Selfies: A selfie is highly unprofessional on LinkedIn and thus must be avoided. Also, do not be led by the “casual is good” idea; it might not board well with your target audience.

2. Update Your Headshot: It’s essential to update your profile photo from time to time; you don’t want a picture from your college days as LinkedIn displays pictures when you are middle-aged.

How To Take A Professional Headshot With iPhone

3. Use High-Resolution Images: Ideally, your LinkedIn picture should be 400×400 pixels. Though you can use larger-sized files too, avoid the small ones, which have all the chance to get distorted.

4. Take Up 60% space: You don’t want to be barely visible on your LinkedIn display picture. A click of a picturesque mountain or sea beach is for Instagram or Facebook, but your connections want to see your face on LinkedIn, so ensure you are visible.

5. Don’t Opt For A Group Click: it’s a strict no-no to have your LinkedIn picture clicked with someone else. This will make your followers confused. You do not want your probable business partners or employers to be confused about your looks.

Equipment Needed For Professional Headshot And Setup

While professional photographers bring in a vast array of equipment to click headshots, you can use the basics to click. Ideally, your how-to-take professional headshot with an iPhone kit should include the following:

  • iPhone
  • Additional lens (if required)
  • Tripod
  • A light meter
  • Ring light
  • An umbrella or reflector

If you have these handy, you should easily click your headshot.

Tips And Tricks To Take A Good Headshot With Your iPhone at Home

Half of your troubles are resolved if you have an iPhone because iOS cameras are great. You are sure to get exceptional picture quality; however, to make sure that your headshots can be used professionally, here are a few tips you can give a try:

  • Don’t Use A Cluttered Backdrop: as mentioned earlier, such a backdrop will distract your viewers and take away their attention from your face.
  • Avoid Unflattering Lights: you want the light source to emphasize you, not highlight the shadows on your face.
  • Try An Angled Posture: posing straight makes one look clumsy. You want your headshot to be smart and dramatic. Thus use an angled pose to create that illusion.
  • Use A Clean Background: clean lighting will make your picture pop, which should be your aim.
  • Warm-Up: if you are camera-conscious, the first few pictures may turn out wonky, as you might feel embarrassed. Thus do a few trial shots and warm up before your actual shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Make My Iphone Headshots Look Professional?

To make your iPhone-clicked headshots look professional, try the following things:

  • Position yourself well
  • Choose a flattering backdrop
  • Use the portrait mode
  • Use a proper headshot app
  • Make sure you have flattering light

Q2. How Do I Take A Headshot Of Myself On My iPhone?

Even if you don’t have anyone to help you, you can click your pictures using your iPhone.

All you need to do is set up the camera using a tripod, use the self-timer, and get your clicks ready. However, make sure you choose a solid-colored background and a natural light source to click good pictures.


In that article, we have covered all that you need to know to click the perfect headshots using an iPhone. Be it the type of poses to try, expressions, or the ideal attire, we have touched upon all the points for your benefit after consulting with professional photographers. We hope it helps you click your next set of great headshots.

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