Best Film Schools In USA- Course, Popularity, Contact Details!

Do you have a passionate interest in filmmaking? If yes, you’re a cinephile and have come to the right page. It’s all about the best film schools in the USA today!

Be it about wanting to be a commercially successful director like Steven Spielberg or a multinational film production company like Warner Bros., we’ve got you covered. Down here, you’ll find extensive details about the most acclaimed Film Schools all over America that will help you achieve your dream career in filmmaking.

As we know, Hollywood is the oldest and yet, the largest film industry in the world in terms of revenue! You’ll be shocked to know how many opportunities you have in the field of filmmaking here. Let’s look at the list of the best film schools in the USA now!

List Of Best Film Schools In The USA

Here is the list of the best film schools in the USA

1. USC School Of Cinematic Arts (LA, California)

This is one of the Best Film Schools in LA. It has been filtering out multi-talented filmmakers since Douglas Fairbanks and Darryl Zanuck started teaching there.

All production graduate students are eligible to apply for the courses. Starting from outstanding faculty to soundstage and post-production facilities, it checks all the boxes that a film student needs to excel.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) OF 3.0.
  • Duration- 4-year program. [Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Cinematic Arts]
  • Fee Structure– $36,415 to $53,391 [Grad]; $66,805 to $79,063 [Undergrad]
  • Contact: 213-740-8358/ admissions@visit
  • Visit at:

2. American Film Institute (LA, California)

The AFI is a non-profit organization that upskill filmmakers and honors the heritage of motion picture arts and filmmaking. AFI grads have earned more than 140 Oscars honors, including 9 Oscar nominations and two honorary Oscars since 2016.

In addition, it has earned around 98 Emmy Nominations with 14 wins. If you were iffy about applying here, I’m sure you have your answer now!

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.15.
  • Duration– 2-year program. [Master of Fine Arts degree in six filmmaking disciplines]
  • Fee Structure– $63,575 to $68,103
  • Contact– 323-856-7600.
  • Visit here–

3. The Los Angeles Film School (LA, California)

The Los Angeles Film School offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in majors relating to the entertainment industry. It’s again, one of the best film schools in California. LA Film School reviews stand at the topmost rating. Hence, the LA Film School acceptance rate is pretty high like any top film school in California. The LA Film School tuition is also reasonable enough for you to get in.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.15.
  • Duration– 3-year program. [Associate and bachelor’s degree programs]
  • Fee Structure– $28,844 to $91,645
  • Contact Toll-free: 888-688-5277/ Local: 323-860-0789
  • Visit: edu

4. UCLA School Of Theatre, Film, And Television (LA, California)

The graduate programs offered in Film Schools Los Angeles are ranked among the world’s top lists. Popular producers and directors like Frank Marshall and Alexander Payne have also endorsed the same about UCLA.

The undergraduate program in Film, Television, and Digital Media provides the opportunity to learn about history as well as hands-on experience in the industry.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2.
  • Duration– 2-3 year program.
  • Fee Structure– $15,775 to $40,682
  • Contact– +1 310-825-5761
  • Visit at: –

5. Loyola Marymount University (LA, California)

LMU is a private Jesuit and Marymount Research university that offers 60 major and 55 minor undergraduate courses. It was even featured on Forbes Magazine’s List of America’s Best Colleges.

The LMU School of Film and Television is committed to preparing students for their creative and professional lives by providing thorough course work, creative projects, internships, etc.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.81.
  • Duration– 2-year program.
  • Fee Structure– $47,470(undergrad)/ $22,824(grad)
  • Contact– 338.2721.
  • Visit at:

6. New York Film Academy (New York City)

The NY Film Academy- Acting School(NYFA) has been awarded as the Top NY Film School by Variety for 5 years in a row for its exceptional performance.

It’s a leading visual and performing arts college that offers accredited degrees and non-degree programs in a variety of fields, including filmmaking.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.15.
  • Duration– 2-year program. [Conservatory style programs like filmmaking, acting, producing, and screenwriting]
  • Fee Structure– $59,121 [before aid]; $45,280 [after aid]
  • Contact- Ph : +1-212-674-4300/ Fax: +1-212-344-4434
  • Visit at:

7. New York University, NYU (New York)

NYU’s film program which is now widely known as the Tisch School of the Arts is one of the best film schools in NY (Kanbar Institute of Film and Television).

As of 2019, 22 Academy Award winners, 17 Emmy Award Winners, 12 Tony Award winners, and four Grammy Award winners have been affiliated with Tisch Alumni and faculty.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.
  • Duration– 3 years.
  • Fee Structure– $105,038 ($65,408 for tuition)
  • Contact– 212-998-1600
  • Visit at–

8. Columbia University School Of The Arts (New York City)

The Columbia University School of the Arts, also known as SOA is a fine arts graduate school under the University of Columbia, New York.

It offers MFA degrees in Film, Visual Arts, Theatre, and Writing as well as an MA in Film Studies. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution to apply.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.
  • Duration– 2 year program.
  • Fee Structure– $60,784 approx.
  • Contact– +1 212-854-2875
  • Visit at-

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9. Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, New York)

Pratt’s BFA in Film program is designed to grow the next generation of innovators in motion pictures. They offer a strong foundation in the culture, techniques, and processes of filmmaking with training in both traditional and unconventional forms.

As a film major, you will have access that extends beyond Pratt Institute as the options for identifying new directions in the field are not limited to perspectives here.

  • Eligibility Criteria- A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.7.
  • Duration– 2-4 year programs.
  • Fee Structure– $51,754 (Undergrad)
  • Contact–
  • Visit at-

10. Bard College (Hudson, New York)

Described as academically stimulating, Bard College joins our list as one of the top film schools in New York. The Film and Electronic Arts Program inculcates a wide variety of practices related to the study of history and criticism of the industry.

Regardless of a student’s choice of specialization, the program emphasizes imaginative engagement and the cultivation of an individual’s voice.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.79.
  • Duration– 3 years.
  • Fee Structure– $54,210 (Undergrad)
  • Contact– 845-758-7472
  • Visit at-

11. San Francisco Film School (San Francisco, California)

The San Francisco Film School is a nationally accredited educational institution with abundant expertise in the field of training and development of film and media professionals.

Courses like The Associate of Applied Science degree program and Professional Certificate in Digital Filmmaking teach every aspect of filmmaking.

They are designed for those who want to pursue careers like cinematography, directing, etc.

  • Eligibility Criteria: A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.8.
  • Duration– 16 months, 4 semesters (AAS Program)
  • Fee Structure– $41,900
  • Contact– / (415) 824- 7000/
  • Visit at-

12. Georgia Film Academy (Atlanta, Georgia)

Being one of the best film schools Georgia Film Academy’s growth is projected to generate 40,000 jobs in Georgia over the next 18 months with a $2 billion investment.

It represents the nation’s prime direct-to-industry training with support from Hollywood’s most intrinsic trade unions and producers. Students must complete GFA 1000 before enrolling in the minor.

  • Eligibility Criteria: A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.8.
  • Duration– 4-year Program along with an 18 credit hour certification program [film and television production]
  • Fee Structure– $35,000 approx.
  • Contact– 404-962-3094
  • Visit at – edu

13. Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, Canada)

Vancouver Film School or VFS is one of the best acting schools in Canada. It’s a post-secondary private entertainment art school that has received international recognition. It offers hands-on production programs, including Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, etc. You must be 19 or above with a high school graduate certification to apply.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Duration– 1 or 2 years. [advanced diploma and bachelor’s degree]
  • Fee Structure– $20,500 to $53,250.
  • Contact– +1 604- 685- 5808
  • Visit here– Vancouver Film School

14. Dodge College Of Film (Orange, California)

Chapman University is a private research university that includes 10 schools and colleges. The aforementioned Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is one of them.

This college has been recognized as one of the top 10 film schools in the world and ranked 4th by The Hollywood Reporter among American Film Schools.

It offers undergraduate degrees in film production, screenwriting, creative producing, news, documentary, etc.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75.
  • Duration- 4 years.
  • Fee Structure– $41000 (average cost after aid)
  • Contact– 714-997-6996
  • Visit at: edu/dodge

15.  Ithaca College (Ithaca, New York)

Ithaca College is best known for its large list of alumni who have played prominent roles in the media and entertainment industries.

The film is one of the fastest-growing majors in Ithaca’s Roy H. Park School of Communications where students get to connect with Disney’s chairperson Bob Iger and other popular artists.

  • Eligibility Criteria– A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.65.
  • Duration– 4 years [cinematography, film/video production]
  • Fee Structure– Average cost after aid- $33,000
  • Contact– (866) 442-2586
  • Visit here–

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Number 1 Film School In The US?

AFI Conservatory has been able to establish itself as the “go-to” list for the Top 25 Film Schools in the US (Released) and is often referred to as the nation’s top film school.

2.  Is UWM A Good Film School?

The Film, Video, Animation, and New genres at UW Milwaukee earned recognition as one of the Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 25 American Film Schools” and Variety’s “Best Film Schools” in 2017. 2018 and 2019 consecutively because of their commitment to transforming students into expressive filmmakers.

3. Is LMU Film School Good?

Loyola Marymount University or LMU’s School of Film and Television in Los Angeles is consistently ranked amongst the top 10 film schools in the country.

They create storytellers and industry leaders through coursework, projects, and an emphasis on close mentorship and collaboration.

To Summarise

So, that brings us to the end of our list of top colleges not just in California or New York City but in the USA as a whole. As enticing as it may seem for you to get into most of these colleges, you need to choose just one for now. The compilation of intricate details in this article will help you shortlist colleges of your choice based on your available funds, eligibility requirements, preferred duration of courses, and even scholarship availability. Shoot your shot at the best one, good luck!

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